J. A. Kundert, award winning author of middle-grade fiction and non-fiction books!


About J. A. Kundert

Judy (J.A.) Kundert an awarding winning author middle-grade fiction and non-fiction books. She is a graduate of Loyola University and earned her Master of Art Degree from DePaul University and the University of Denver.

About the Books

J. A. Kundert’s children’s books inspire young and old to read greatly and widely, exploring their world and the outside world with new eyes.

Abigail and Sego's Magical Train Ride—the next J. A. Kundert children's book is a coming soon, work in process!

Magicat Train Revised Cover

School Visits

School visits: What’s fun about trees and nature for kids.

How children find wonder in magic from nature, myths, and legends to enable them to gain tools for self-discovery and confidence.

Fun Things

Check out J.A. Kundert's Blog and meet Duke and Daisy the young people's guide to outdoor nature adventure and indoor inspiration for creativity.