How to help your kids discover and have fun with Women’s History Month


Duke and Daisy were busy this month getting ready to share some interesting facts and activities for Women’s History Month. They thought you may want to share them with children.

Here’s what they’d like to share with you.

Fun facts about women in history.

Mary Anderson helps driving safer today since she invented the windshield wipers in 1903.


Nancy Johnson is responsible for summer fun and happy times all year round since she invented the ice-cream maker in 1794.


Maria Beasley saves people’s lives starting with the survivors on the Titanic when she invented life rafts in 1882.





Imaginationsoup is a book list of children’s books that help kids learn about amazing women from history to modern times.

Carly and Adam teach about Women’s History Month with STEM activities that incorporate reading, writing, math, and making fun!

Adventure-in-a-box is chock full of women’s history games, crafts activities.

J. A. Kundert

Judy (J.A.) Kundert an awarding winning author of middle-grade fiction and non-fiction books. She is a graduate of Loyola University and earned her Master of Arts Degree from DePaul University and the University of Denver.

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