10 Ways Audio Books Can Help Kids’ Learn More and Get Smarter.


Duke and Daisy would love to help your children have fun while they learn since they may be spending more time at home instead of classroom learning. That’s why Duke took Daisy on a trip to find out more about audiobooks for kids. Come along and explore the ten great ways the audiobooks make your kids’ lives better.

Duke and Daisy started their journey with a visit to Melissa Taylor, the creator of Imagination Soup.

Melissa wants to inspire kids to take their eyes off-screen time and increase their reading. In her article Get Kids Off Screen Time: 27 Favorite Audiobooks for kids

She recommends that parents try audiobooks for the following reasons to increase your kids skills.

  1. Increase their reading skills
  2. Improve their vocabulary
  3. Expand their background knowledge of topics
  4. Aid in visualization
  5. Grow listening skills

Duke and Daisy traveled on Scholiastic Parents, who have the following 5 Reasons Why Audiobooks are Great for Kids.

  1. Audiobooks are easy to use. Since kids don’t have to deal with big cumbersome books, they can listen/read anywhere.
  2. Reading skills improve when the kids visualize to help word recognition.
  3. It allows kids to read higher-level books.
  4. There’s no stigma for struggling readers.
  5. Audiobooks are fun.

Duke and Daisy’s Guide  for your kids that gives them the basics to start them listening to audiobooks.

It’s easy to begin since all the kids need are some headphones. Next, you’ll help them search for audiobooks in the following places:

Overdrive with your public library


For more suggestions, visit the Goodreads‘ list of RadioTimes for kids.

Duke and Daisy think you have kids bubbling with new ideas and inspiration for learning.

J. A. Kundert

Judy (J.A.) Kundert an awarding winning author of middle-grade fiction and non-fiction books. She is a graduate of Loyola University and earned her Master of Arts Degree from DePaul University and the University of Denver.

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