Take Your Kids on a Fun Visit to Connecticut – Inventor of the Lollipop



The first people came to the area that’s now Connecticut more than 10,000 years ago. Several thousand years later, Native American tribes including the Mohegan, Pequot, and Niantic lived in this region.

Dutch traders arrived in 1614 and created Connecticut’s first European settlement in 1633. Both the Dutch and English settlers founded settlements in Connecticut in the early 1630s, and the land soon became a British colony. Over time the colonists grew unhappy with British rule. In 1776 Connecticut’s representatives signed the Declaration of Independence along with representatives from the other American colonies. This led to the American Revolution, which lasted until 1783 when the colonies formally won freedom from British rule. Five years later Connecticut ratified, or signed, the U.S. Constitution, becoming the fifth U.S. state.



Interesting special stories: The constitution state – one of the original colonies. Noah Webster published the first American Dictionary in the early 1800s- just after the nation’s first newspaper started in 1761. It housed the first school, public art museum, and pay phone.



Famous people from Connecticut:

Nathan Hale, a Revolutionary War hero


Charles Goodyear inventor

Suzanne Collins, author of the Hunger Games trilogy.


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