Abigail and Sego’s Magical Train Ride

Title: Abigail and Sego's Magical Train Ride
Release Date: Coming in 2018!


Abigail and Sego's Magical Train Ride—the next J. A. Kudert children's book is a coming soon, work in process!

Abigail needs to finish her sixth-grade family ancestry assignment before her family embarks on a spring break vacation to Wyoming. Her quest to find out about her maternal grandmother starts with mysteries. She wanders into a magical forest to find peace from the conflicts and issues with her quest to find solve her ancestral history. In the woods, she meets Sego a white buffalo, who escaped from a zoo to find a way to fulfill his sacred mission. In the forest, railroad engineer, Gabriel, a St. Bernard dog takes the two on a magic time travel back to revise Wild West History On the train named Ursula Penzell they change the actions of buffalo killers. Abigail solves the mystery of ancestry and Sego emerges a leader. Sego and Abigail team up for their return home with a new exciting mission.