Many great books to help kids explore the wonderful world of Native American Heritage


Duke and Daisy explored the history of Native Americans and loved what they found. They were amazed by the Native American story and their journey many thousand years ago when humans journeyed across the Bering land bridge, from Asia to Alaska. For the full description of the Native American journey over the thousands of years, Duke and Daisy share it in the Scholastic’s overview of Native Americans.

Because of the rich Native American history, it’s understandable why on August 3, 1990, President George Bush signed into law the National American Heritage for November.

Native American Heritage Month invites all children to learn, explore, and experience the incredible history, culture, and diversity of the tribes and individuals who were here from the beginning and still live here today. Also, Native American Heritage Month gives the tribal people from all nations the opportunity to celebrate their cultures and share them with others.


Duke and Daisy realize that kids are spending more time at home and thought they might have time to enjoy and read some excellent Native American books. Here’s their list, which they’re sure has many books that will inspire and educate kids about the Native American world.

First Nations Development Institute We believe that when armed with the appropriate resources, Native peoples hold the capacity and ingenuity to ensure the sustainable economic, spiritual, and cultural well-being of their communities from preschool to Grades 8-12

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Samantha and the Legend of the Whispering Trees


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